The Partnership launches pilot North Carolina Mid-Career Leadership Accelerator Program

Program provides essential leadership development to underrepresented leaders in the industries driving the economy of the Research Triangle and Charlotte region

BOSTON, MA – February 23, 2021 – The Partnership, Inc. announces the launch of its North Carolina Mid-Career Leadership Accelerator Program. The Accelerator Program, designed in collaboration with Biogen, develops mid-career professionals in strengthening and expanding their leadership capacity. Building upon The Partnership’s over three decades of innovative leadership development and retention-building programs, the program is designed to develop Black, African American, Latinx and Asian leaders in the industries driving the economy of the Research Triangle and Charlotte region.

“We see talent as a company’s greatest long-term competitive advantage,” said Pratt Wiley, President & Chief Executive Officer of The Partnership, “and those companies that best attract and develop their talent are more innovative, faster to market, and more profitable. Sharing the lessons we learned over the past four decades with the Research Triangle and Charlotte area will continue to enhance the competitiveness of the whole region. Collaborating with a strategic thought-partner like Biogen, who has a demonstrated commitment to fostering diversity, equity and inclusion across all that they do, ensures the program is responsive to the specific needs and aspirations of our participants.”

Biogen, a pioneer in neuroscience headquartered in Cambridge, Mass., was instrumental in bringing the Accelerator Program to North Carolina. They recognized the benefits that the program could have for their hundreds of mid-career professionals working at their Research Triangle Park-located facility.

“We are excited to further strengthen our relationship with The Partnership to bring this program to North Carolina,” said Ginger Gregory, Chief Human Resources Officer at Biogen. “The Massachusetts employees who participated in The Partnership’s programs have grown significantly as leaders, with many making tremendous professional gains. Biogen is committed to the power of diversity and being a truly inclusive workplace. This program helps address equity by developing leadership capacity of Black, African American, Latinx and Asian employees. We look forward to seeing the positive impact that we hope this first program will have on employees.”

“The Accelerator Program represents the intersection of professional excellence and diversity,” said [Minnie Baylor-Henry, Board Member] of The Partnership. “In the aftermath of the murders of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, companies are seeking impactful ways to invest in their talent of color – and that talent are seeking opportunities for growth. The Accelerator Program brings over 30 years of proven training and development for leaders of color to a new group of underrepresented leaders.”

The Partnership’s carefully designed curriculum has a lasting impact on participants and corporate partners. Leveraging The Partnership’s successful Associates, Fellows, Next Generation Executives and BioDiversity programs, the Accelerator Program develops a new brand of authentic leadership, building resiliency and the critical skills necessary to succeed in both their current roles and grow within their organizations. Corporate partners continue to shape cultures of excellence where all professionals can belong and thrive.

The first program of 40 professionals will start on March 19. To learn more about the inaugural North Carolina Mid-Career Leadership Accelerator Program visit: or register:

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