The Partnership, Inc.

With COVID-19 upending our workplaces and racial unrest spilling out to our streets, corporate leaders have an urgent responsibility – and an unprecedented opportunity – to take tangible, measurable steps to build a more inclusive culture. Many businesses have embraced this challenge, applying a racial equity lens internally, addressing the role of race in their external communications, and joining nationwide efforts to call for racial justice in our communities. But much work remains to be done. This combination of a national pandemic and widespread racial injustice have made clear that while we are facing the same storm, we are not in the same boat. Marginalized communities of color disproportionately bear the brunt of our national disparities in health care, economic security, educational attainment, housing, incarceration, and more. And we have quickly come to a national realization that these inequities can no longer stand. We must act now with urgency, integrity, and intention.

CEOs, decision-makers, and influencers can no longer regard Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) as simply a Human Resources issue. To truly achieve full equity and inclusion, companies need to make DE&I an integral part of their culture, realizing that diverse workplaces do not just result in greater employee satisfaction. They are also good for companies’ bottom lines, fostering innovation and creating real business value.

THE PARTNERSHIP PANDEMIC RESOURCE GUIDE was developed to highlight the very best practices to establish a culture of inclusivity for employees, customers, business partners and stakeholders. The Executive Council Task Force contributors share their expertise and diverse perspectives and offer concrete recommendations to help corporations implement systemic change.

We encourage every organization to seize this opportunity to lead with intention and create an equitable work culture for all.

Together, let’s get to work.

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