Executive Council

Representing some of the most recognizable organizations and brands in New England and beyond, the Executive Council is comprised of the Human Resource and Diversity & Inclusion professionals responsible for the design and implementation of diversity, equity and inclusion strategies within their respective organizations. The Executive Council is a forum for practitioners to share best practices and lessons learned, evaluate products and vendors, and stay abreast of thought-leadership within the field.

Currently, the Executive Council meets remotely for hands-on, peer-exchanged, and facilitated problem-solving sessions, which are held every other Friday from 2-3 PM. The online sessions allow practitioners to more easily discuss the professional and personal challenges, opportunities and stresses related to the COVID-19 pandemic and systemic racism – and how their organizations are and can be innovating during this moment.

Prior to the pandemic, the Executive Council met six times per year for in-person sessions hosted by an Executive Council member organization. The hosting CEO and other senior leadership would present a D&I “case study” from the organization.


The Executive Council case studies and discussions have centered upon the following recurring themes:

  • International Inclusion & Diversity
  • Customer Inclusion & Diversity
  • Governance
  • Developing A Strategic Narrative
  • Culture As An Asset
  • Building Inclusive Cultures
  • Building The Bench
  • Toolkits

To learn more please contact Pratt Wiley, President & CEO at pwiley@thepartnershipinc.org and Carmen Arce, COO at carce@thepartnershipinc.org