About Us

The Partnership, Inc. is New England’s premier organization dedicated to enhancing the economic competitiveness of the region by attracting, developing, retaining and convening professionals of color.

Founded in 1987, The Partnership provides state of the art executive leadership development programs to help professionals of color reach their full potential. For three decades, The Partnership has developed 4,000+ alumni and collaborated with more than 300 corporate partners.

The Partnership has helped corporations gain a competitive edge by developing a culturally inclusive workplace. Our corporate partners are distinguishing themselves with employers who have different backgrounds, ideas and perspectives and as a result provide diversity of thought.

As a professional of color, want to work for a company who truly value diversity? Login now to learn about the job opportunities that are available now.

As a professional of color, want to work for a company who truly value diversity? Login now to learn about the job opportunities that are available now.

Our Leadership

Marcy Reed
Former Chairman, The Partnership, Inc.

“When inclusion and diversity is at the core of our corporate culture—everyone wins! Diversity of our people is key to our success. Creating better opportunities for all is not just a good business decision, it improves experiences for customers and social impact on our community. Are you ready?”

Pratt Wiley
President & CEO, The Partnership, Inc.

“It’s the question our clients ask us everyday, “Can you create programming to support our diverse acquisition efforts?” We feel the answer is found by actively engaging a pipeline of diverse talent. The Partnership has expert knowledge of the talent that exists. This is why our JobBoard is created with a goal to reduce communication barriers, increase awareness of opportunities and challenge the notion that there are no professionals of color available.”

Partnership Client Perspectives

“As a global Property & Casualty Insurer, Liberty Mutual Insurance seeks to attract and retain a diverse talent base. The professional development programs provided by The Partnership help our employees acquire the cultural dexterity skills and perspective necessary to manage in a multi-cultural world. The Partnership’s broad range of programs and forums have helped hundreds of Liberty Mutual employees advance both their careers and our customer experience.”

Melanie Foley, Chief Talent & Enterprise Officer and EVP, Liberty Mutual
Client Partner

“I believe the relationship between The Partnership and Liberty Mutual created a blueprint for an inclusive workplace. As an alum of The Partnership program, I recognize the impact on a global scale and I see how it has help strengthen my relationship with leadership who truly support and recognize the value that each individual brings to the company.”

Matthew Esparza, Fellows Program Alumnus, Liberty Mutual
Partnership Participant

Partnership Alumni Perspectives