Type: Corporate
Industry: Retail

Wayfair believes everyone should live in a home they love. Through technology and innovation, Wayfair makes it possible for shoppers to quickly and easily find exactly what they want from a selection of more than 18 million items across home furnishings, décor, home improvement, housewares and more. Committed to delighting its customers every step of the way, Wayfair is reinventing the way people shop for their homes – from product discovery to final delivery.

Do you know what word is most commonly used to describe the culture at Wayfair by its employees? Collaborative. We value and rely on the diversity of our employees, customers, community, and suppliers and their collective voices to help guide us as we build a better Wayfair – and experience – for all. Every voice, every perspective matters. We’re a community of innovators, risk-takers, and trailblazers who celebrate our differences, and know that our unique perspectives make us stronger, smarter, and well-positioned for success. This is what we look for in our candidates!

Visit our career site & join our incredible team of brilliant leaders: Wayfair Careers

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