Geode Capital Management, LLC

Type: Corporate
Industry: Finance

Geode is an investment management leader, meticulously managing financial assets on behalf of our clients and focused on utilizing top notch technology. Geode was founded in 2001 and has a current AUM of $1,009B.

At the firm, we are working to transform our future capabilities in institutional money management through more modern and enhanced technology that are intended to give us an edge in achieving our clients’ goals. The talent Geode hires today, helps us to build the future of investment management tomorrow, across portfolio management, trading, technology, business development, compliance, finance, human resources, legal, operations and strategic initiatives.

Our headquarters are located in Boston’s financial district, the center of one of the world’s most vibrant finance and technology hubs and employs approximately 150 team members.

Geode is proud to be an equal opportunity employer and supports a diversified work environment. Geode enhances the employee experience with a culture of engagement, wellness, diversity, inclusion, equity and a focus on being environmentally conscious.

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