Job Board – Company Guide

Registration & First Listing

Employers: Click here to register for Job Board.

All companies must register a user and submit contact and company information. Only one user per company allowed.

After registration is complete, the employer will submit their first listing and make a payment. A single listing submission is required for payment. The payment is the annual fee and will be a purchase for a 5-listing per month package.

Employer will submit the information/content for their first listing and go through the checkout steps.

Upon checkout, the employer will be able to submit information/content for their other four listings. If submitting listings immediately after purchase, skip to step 2 below. A receipt will be emailed upon successful payment.

Registration guidance – be prepared with:

  • Company Name
  • Company Massachusetts Location (choose from a list)
  • Company Type (choose from a list)
  • Company Industry (choose from list)
  • Company Description (110 word count or less)
  • Company logo – background-less PNG format, minimum width: 600px

Listings – New Listings & Existing Listing Management

Step 1: Login

Click here to login.

All employers are required to log in to post/manage their listings. Only registered users can log in.

Step 2: Submit Listings

Click here to submit your career opportunities.

Fill out the form and submit. Listings will populate into a Job Dashboard for the employer as well as appear on the front-end for job seekers. Listings will expire after 30 days. Expired listings will remain in the Job Dashboard and can be renewed for another 30 days.

Listing guidance – be prepared with:

  • Title
  • Location
  • Description (110 word count)
  • URL to job posting on company website (include http:// or https://)

Step 3 / Ongoing Listing Management

Click here to access to the job dashboard.

Listings can be managed here. Listings can be deleted or disabled. Employers will receive an email notification when any of their listings is close to expiration.

Ongoing: Company Profile

Click here to access your company profile.

Listings can be managed here. Listings can be deleted or disabled. Manage contact information, company summary and logo.

For more information:

Jacquetta Van Zandt
Vice President of Engagement

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