Bridgewater State University

Type: University / School
Industry: Academia

Bridgewater State University is an educational community in the Southeast region of MA, close to Cape Cod and Rhode Island.  The University is actively engaged in racial justice work and organizational reflection to advance a culture and environment that is inclusive of the broadly diverse members of the BSU community and committed to student success.

Since its founding in 1840 as one of the nation’s first normal schools to its current manifestation as a vibrant regional public comprehensive higher educational institution, Bridgewater State University (BSU) has worked to ensure that our students receive an accessible, affordable, and exceptional education.  BSU aspires to be the leader in our mission class for closing equity gaps for Black/Cape Verdean, Latinx, Native American, Asian, and other students of color.  BSU’s institutional values, the work of the President’s Special Task Force on Racial Justice, and leadership of the Leading for Change Higher Education Diversity Consortium  underscore the campus’ commitment to racial equity and other forms of social justice.  For example, in any typical fall, 55% -60% of our first-time full-time students of color are considered of low income  Bridgewater State University isn’t just a place to get an education — it’s a place to belong.

Located just 30 miles from Boston, BSU has established itself over 180 years as a place to lay the groundwork for a rewarding career — to discover your own definition of success and gain the skills necessary to achieve it.