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It is time for a new conversation about training.

The Partnership's training programs have one common goal: to transform great employees into exceptional leaders.

We offer a full suite of leadership programs, for each major career stage:
The Associates program is for young professionals who already have demonstrated strong leadership potential.
The Fellows program is for mid-career leaders who are looking to strengthen their leadership toolkit.
The Next Generation Executive program is for that select group of individuals who have been identified as candidates for senior leadership roles. Apply for the Class of 2014-2015.

Our programs combine facilitated sessions with real-time leadership coaching and on-going peer mentoring to deliver value in three unique ways:
• First, we combine theory with application. In the classroom, participants learn the latest in leadership theory. Partnership Cohort groups apply those theories to real-live leadership situations.
• Second, we partner with both participants and their managers to create customized pathways for leadership development and action.
• Third, we train participants both how to think like a leader and behave like one. Each of our programs starts by helping participants develop the right leadership mindset. From there, we support them in applying that mindset towards behaviors that create greater value for their careers and their organizations.

Over 3000 professionals of color have graduated from The Partnership's leadership development programs.

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Evidence-based analysis and innovative recommendations for today's challenges.
In-depth courses that develop leaders from the first job to the corner office.
Customized solutions in talent strategy, development and leadership.

Premier convener of thought-leaders committed to the advancement of professionals of color.