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The Partnership is leading a New Conversation about Diversity. 

It's a conversation that is less about numbers and more about advancement. One that crosses racial, ethnic and cultural lines. A conversation that focuses on solutions, rather than problems. 

Three years ago, when The Partnership launched our New Conversation, we focused on creating new opportunities for multicultural professionals of color.  We built a new leadership model for professionals of color.  We launched the first senior executive program that looks at global leadership through a multicultural lens.
Now, The Partnership's New Conversation 2.0 takes our efforts inside organizations.
New Conversation 2.0 works with managers to engage their multicultural employees.  And it supports senior leaders in taking executive action that ensures organization-wide accountability and progress.
Everyone has a role in New Conversation 2.0.  Professionals of color, managers, senior executives.
What's your role?

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Press.  The Partnership's President and CEO, Carol Fulp and Board Member Essence McGill Arzu highlight the Governor's Women in the Workplace Initiative.  Click here to view.

Press.  Please welcome Ralph C. Martin II as Chairman of The Partnership Board as well as new board member, Paul Alexander (Liberty Mutual), Minnie Baylor-Henry (Johnson & Johnson), Michele Whitham (Foley Hoag).  Click here for Boston Business Journal announcement.



Our evidence-based research provides decision-makers with innovative, yet practical, strategies for advancing professionals of color along the career pipeline.

Our leadership development programs help professionals of color make the most of each stage of their career—from the first job all the way to the executive suite.

Senior executives hire The Partnership to analyze their organizational culture and to develop customized solutions in talent strategy, development and leadership

From off-the-record executive roundtables to immersion conferences, The Partnership is the premier convener of thought-leaders committed to the advancement of professionals of color